Planning your Survey

Tossing questions into a survey might seem trivial but it’s important to follow steps so the results will provide accurate and meaningful data. “If you haven’t studied it, you don’t know how to write a survey well, and the data you get is (sic) garbage.” Portigal, S. (2007)

Consider your goals and objectives, target population, data requirements, error minimization, sampling size, analysis plan, questionnaire design, quality control and analysis of the results.
Planning Your Survey by William B. Strong will help you plan your survey.


Question Types

Consider including open ended questions in your survey so you may receive specific-actionable feedback.

“It can be tempting to obsess over the rating your customers give you on surveys, but scores alone are somewhat meaningless.”

Says Jon Picoult

A result of 1 will not give you the information you need to correct the problem and a 10 will not benefit your business unless you know how to replicate it.

Make sure the survey is structured to receive honest feedback so you will not receive false positives such as a scale with 3 positive choices out of 5.

You may also want to consider the SERVPERF or SERVQUL models to measure quality in the service sector or CAHPS for healthcare organizations.

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