Turning Survey Results into Action Plans

"As a small business competing against larger companies, developing a continuous improvement model is essential."

Says Joe Shaw

Marketing director of Jake's Burgers in Dallas, Texas..

  • Define & Analyze Problem
  • Identify Root Cause
  • Devise Solution
  • Develop Detailed Action Plan
  • Implement Plan
  • Standardize Solution
  • Review & Define Next Issues
  • Confirm Outcomes against Plan
  • Identify Deviations / Issues


  • Create Goal / Problem Statement that is clear, concise, measureable, standard and has a deviation.
  • With a few team members, place post-its on a wall to find the root cause. (5 Whys)
  • Use data from the survey reports and 5 Why's to prove the root cause.
  • Create A3 with the root cause under the fish bone.

DOImplement & Operate

  • Create countermeasures.
  • Assign tasks to team members.
  • Create timelines.
  • Conduct new surveys after countermeasures have been implemented.

CHECKMonitor & Review

  • Illustrate results from the countermeasures with data. (Use the same graph or format as previously used in the Problem Statement)
  • Identify issues.

ACTMaintain & Improve

  • Standardize and train the team members
  • Examples: Making coffee - Place visuals near the coffee maker that show step-by-step process. Airplane emergency landing - Pamphlet shows the location of safety equipment and how to exit.

Benefits Include:

  • Eliminating waste
  • Fewer staff members
  • Less rework and processing
  • Less overtime
  • Increased number of patient encounters
  • Improved morale
  • Improved quality
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency in admission, collection, turnaround, triage, wait, dispensing and examination room times.

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